High School Players and Parents Savagely Attack a Hockey Referee (Video)

hockey referee

We’ve seen at least three troubling instances of high school football players attacking referees in the past month or so, and now it looks like the disturbing trend is coming to other sports. We don’t have much background on the video, but we do have a high school hockey player savagely attacking a referee in a very disturbing manner.

The ferocity with which the player goes after the hockey referee makes it look like there’s something larger at play here than the game, but who knows. This phenomenon has gotten a little too weird to even try to understand.

No word on what will come of the incident, but I’m sure the league, his school, and maybe even the law will have something to say about this.  I hope that referee is okay. This looked pretty bad, but fortunately, sports fights, even one-sided ones such as this, often look worse than they are.

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