Redskins Fans Send Their Team Off In The Saddest Way Possible (Video)

As the Washington Redskins departed for New York ahead of Thursday night’s week 3 contest against the Giants, they were sent off by their “ExtremeSkins” fan group.  Here’s a look at what the sendoff looked like from the viewpoint of the players on the bus:

In case you’re having trouble counting, that’s a grand total of seven fans (and one of them couldn’t even be bothered to stand up from his seat and wave to the damn bus).

Who knows?  If the Skins earn another win on Thursday and improve to 2-1, maybe the attendance for their next send-off party will hit double-digits!

But really, why are the Redskins even posting this pathetic display on their Vine account in the first place?  I guess the organization’s incompetence extends as far as their social media accounts.

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