The Rock Drops a Strong Response to Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets’ (Video)

mean tweets

We’ve seen quite a few celebrities, including athletes, get victimized by Jimmy Kimmel‘s Mean Tweet hate parade, but The Rock wasn’t having any of it. While most celebrities laugh or cry, The Rock came back in (playfully) antagonistic fashion, responding to his Mean Tweet with a counter offer of his own.

Take a look:

Of all the people you would want to attack on the Internet, and there are many, why would you go after The Rock with a mean tweet? He appears to be nothing but nice, and also, he could crush you with one hand. I mean, lob your hate at a Jenner or a Kardashian, for the love of God.

And next up was Liam Neeson. That’s the LAST person you want to anonymously attack. He has a specific set of skills that will result in him finding you and killing you. The other guest was Bette Midler, who seems like a pretty safe choice to attack. I mean, I’m sure she can get mean, but so many years in showbiz has probably left her with tough skin. She can shake it off.

It’s almost like people on the Internet don’t think before they write stuff.

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