Bad WWE Lip Reading Makes Weird WWE Dialogue Even Weirder (Video)

bad wwe lip reading

You know those bad NFL  lip reading videos everybody loves so much? Well, the folks at the WWE apparently love them too. But instead of waiting around for the official Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel to make a WWE lip dub, the WWE just made their own. Because that’s how they roll.

Of course, the bad WWE lip reading is not nearly as entertaining as the NFL lip dubs. The whole concept works best when you take relatively bland dialogue and turn it into something utterly ridiculous. In the case of the NFL, they take all the interview cliches and the random sounds of the game and turn them into utter nonsense.

However, in case you haven’t noticed, WWE dialogue—often delivered by men in face paint and tights—is pretty effing absurd to begin with. So while the gag still works, it doesn’t work as well as it does with the NFL. (Or, say, a Republican presidential debate.)

Take a look:

Nice try, WWE. Keep working at it.

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