Muggsy Bogues Has a 5th Grade Grandson with Some Serious Skills (Video)

muggsy bogues

Fans of the NBA in the early 90s will remember Muggsy Bogues as “the guy that was shorter than Spud Webb, but couldn’t dunk.” Well, in case you hadn’t realized, it’s been about 30 years since Muggsy Bogues entered the league, and he’s got a lineage now.

Meet Samartine Bogues, who also has a weird nickname: “Fatman.”

He’s clearly got his grandpappy’s handles, cause even in 5th grade, this kid can move with the ball. Of course, defenses are a little weak when you’re 10 years old, but ball handling is ball handling, even against a weak D.

Check this kid out:

I’m on board with this kid. Now we just need to make sure that the nickname “Fatman” stays with him, and eventually becomes his legal name, cause that one’s too good not to use all the time.

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