Ben Revere Fails to Administer a Gatorade Bath after Josh Donaldson’s Walk-off HR (Video)

ben revere

I think we can retire the idea of dumping Gatorade on someone after they win a game. It’s always clumsy, it’s stupidly self-aware, and it NEVER goes right. The dumping party always manages to tag some old lady or ball boy with like 90% of the Gatorade while the coach or whoever is completely oblivious to the whole thing.

That is exactly what happened yesterday as Josh Donaldson hit a walk-off shot, continuing a killer cap to the Jays’ season. Ben Revere, in his infinite wisdom, ran to get a cooler. He then met up with everyone at home plate, didn’t get anywhere close to Donaldson, effectively dumped the cooler on his own head, then waved it around for no particular reason.



Even amid a dumb celebration, what Ben Revere did was a needless distraction.


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