Cardinals Fan Offers Niners Fans High Fives, Leaves Them Hanging (Video)

cardinals fan

Sure, football rivalries can end in beatings outside stadiums or profanity, but sometimes you just want to make the other fan look really stupid for a second. That’s what this Cardinals¬†fan did at yesterday’s Cardinals-Niners game in Arizona.

He offered a congenial high five to a Niners fan sitting next to him, only to take his hand away at the last minute. I don’t think this requires much further explanation, so just check out this video. He’s in the bottom right of the frame, wearing a hat that makes him look like an extra from Newsies.

It’s a good thing that this took place in AZ. If this was a San Fransisco home game, a mob would have ripped this Cardinals fan to pieces and eaten him.

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