Chip Kelly Gives Pope Francis “100 Percent” of the Credit for Eagles First Win

chip kelly gives pope credit for eagles win

Pope Francis was in Philadelphia for less than 24 hours over the weekend. However, during that brief visit, the Pontiff managed to squeeze in two pretty amazing miracles.

And I’m not talking about curing sick babies, or making the lame walk. I’m talking important miracles.

You see, first His Holiness got New England Patriots superfan Mark Wahlberg to say “Go Eagles” in front of the entire world. Then, through what we can only assume was an act of Divine Intercession, the Bishop of Rome somehow managed to get those same Eagles their first win of the season.

Now, a skeptic would probably say that God or the Pope had nothing to do with the Eagles win and everything to do with the fact that the Eagles were playing the Jets. But Eagles coach Chip Kelly? He was there, and he saw that Brandon Marhsall lateral with his own eyes. So he’s convinced that Francis I absolutely had something to do with it.

“That the Pope helped us? That’s one hundred percent true,” Kelly explained on the 94WIP “Morning After” show on Monday morning. “And if you were watched what we did in the second half, we were trying to get the game over quicker so we can come back and see him.”

Of course, technically Kelly wasn’t asked whether the Pope blessed the Eagles, but whether the team benefited from additional “bonding time” as a result of the Eagles having to relocate their practices last week. But this is religion we’re talking about, so I’m just going to go ahead and hear what I want to hear.

Skip ahead to the 10:19 mark of the audio to hear Kelly’s comments. Or, if you’re a hardcore Eagles fan, I guess just listen to the whole thing.

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