Son Of Jets Coach Takes Shot At Cromartie & His Kids; Cromartie Fires Back


The son of Jets tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson pissed Antonio Cromartie off on Sunday after the cornerback noticed a few upsetting tweets.


As you can see, it didn’t take long for Cromartie to fire right back at him. That wasn’t the only tweet that has this guy in hot water, he also had something to say about Geno Smith:


Eventually, the account’s handle was changed to @JTre88, and he apologized to Cromartie.

“@CRO31 apologize for the tweet man, I really didn’t mean anything by it. Stupid tweet. I hope I get to apologize to you in person,” he tweeted.

“Those tweets were really stupid on my part. Will apologize to both of them if I get the chance,” he added in another tweet.

Johnson is in his first year on the Jets’ staff.

H/T – NewYorkDailyNews

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