Warren Buffet Wearing a Ndamukong Suh Jersey…and Shoulder Pads? (Pic)

warren buffet wearing a ndamukong suh dolphins jersey and shoulder pads

At first it may seem strange that Warren Buffet, the fourth-richest man on earth, would be a fan of Ndamukong Suh, a guy who’s wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on fines over the years. However, when you move past that, it actually makes a lot of sense.

For starters, Warren Buffet is easily the most famous resident of Omaha, Nebraska. Ever. And Suh, of course, was a Nebraska Cornhusker. But Buffet’s fandom probably goes beyond the Nebraska connection.

You see, though he may be absolutely vicious on the gridiron, Suh is a pretty great guy off it, having donated millions of dollars to charity over the years. And as you may know, Warren Buffet is a pretty charitable man himself.

So is it surprising to see Warren Buffet wearing a Ndamukong Suh jersey on the Dolphins sidelines during Sunday’s game against the Bills? Not at all.

Is it surprising that Warren Buffet was also wearing shoulder pads? To that I’m going to have to say yeah, a little bit. Even the most hardcore fans typically don’t wear actual football equipment to games. To see a billionaire doing it was just weird:

Of course, when you’re worth $60 billion, I guess you do whatever the f%&# you want.

More power to you, Warren.

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