Young Pats Fan Breaks Down When She Gets a Jersey and Tickets (Video)

pats fan

That image might not look like the face of a happy Pats fan, but I assure you it is. An awesome mom surprised her daughter with a jersey and tickets to Sunday’s game, hidden in her backpack. The girl in question seems to run through every human emotion possible upon realizing the gifts she’s been given.

It’s pretty great. Great enough that the Patriots put it up on their Facebook page, and 6,000,000 people have watched this Pats fan’s day get made with this gift.

Here’s the video:

When you find out you’re going to the Patriots game this weekend.

See you tomorrow, Bella!

Posted by New England Patriots on Saturday, September 26, 2015


Says on the post that the girl’s name is Bella. Bella got to see a pretty awesome display from Tom Brady yesterday, too. She couldn’t have picked a better game to watch, as her Patriots trounce their opponents, the Jacksonville Jaguars, by a score of 51-17.

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