A Brazilian Soccer Ref Actually Pulled out a Gun on the Field (Video)

brazilian soccer ref

It’s not like the NFL and other American sports are without their (serious) problems, but it never ceases to amaze me what can go on during soccer games throughout the world. Fans starting fires, fights, more fights, and now, a Brazilian soccer ref turned the field into a Tarantino film by pulling out a pistol.

The ref’s name is Gabriel Murta, and after getting static from one of the sides after his calls, he decided to stand up for himself with a pistol. That will probably get him in some trouble.

From The Mirror:

Gabriel Murta was kicked and slapped by players from lower-leagueAmantes de Bola, while the manager invaded the pitch demanding a red card, it is claimed.

Murta, said to be a policeman by day, reacted by racing to the changing rooms and returning with a firearm.

Hmm. That doesn’t make it better, but it makes it less awful. He was a cop, and he had been assaulted by the players.

If it’s any indication, the fact that one player keeps approaching him when he’s pointing the gun indicates that the players may have been ruthless—which makes the gun-wielding even more understandable.