Some Browns Players Reportedly Want Johnny Manziel to Start

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It’s not that Josh McCown is a bad quarterback, it’s just that he’s not the type of guy you build a franchise around (I guess sorta because he’s a bad quarterback). And after he suffered a brutal hit in week 1, Manziel got the call and showed up for his team looking better than he ever had.

Accordingly, many fans, and some Browns players, according to this TMZ report, want Jonathan Q. Football to be their quarterback. Say what you want about TMZ’s methods and purpose, but they’re almost never wrong about these things.

However, considering the Browns organization is an insane mess that can’t stop setting their team back about three years every season, it’s unlikely that they’ll deviate from the McCown strategy for now.

And, rather than upset a volatile front office, players are denying championing for Manziel:

It’s likely that Manziel will get the call sometime this season, but with the Browns’ playoff hopes looking bleak already, why not allow him to use these extra games to get situated?

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