Idiot Browns Fan Climbs 30 Foot Wall After Game, Falls, Nearly Dies (Video)

idiot browns fan climbs 30 foot wall nearly dies

After the Cleveland Browns game against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, a fan tried to scale a 30 foot rock wall in a tailgating area outside FirstEnergy Stadium called The Pit. (Because of course Cleveland Browns fans tailgate in an area called The Pit. I’ll bet there’s a tailgating area called The Toilet, too.)

We don’t know why he tried to do this. Perhaps he lost a bet. Perhaps he was high. Perhaps, after watching another embarrassing Browns loss, he just no longer cared whether he lived or died.

All we know for sure is that the guy did not succeed. And he didn’t fall five or even ten feet. Our idiot Browns fan made it all the way to the top, then lost his footing, fell, and suffered what some witnesses said was a compound fracture.

Luckily, we don’t have video of the aftermath. However, we do have videos of the climb and the fall—both shot by people who lack the sense to turn their phones sideways. Take a look:

If you know of a better metaphor for what it’s like to be a Browns fan than this, I’m all ears.

Hat Tip – [reddit]

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