Watch Ilir Emini, a D-III Player, Make an INSANE Catch (Video)

Ilir Emini

D-III football players normally come up a little short in their athleticism when compared to their FBS counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t perform jaw dropping catches every once in a while.

This here is Ilir Emini from Knox, who kicked the ball up into the air as he was falling, and, as he was laying on his back on the turf, managed to catch the lofted ball.

Is it luck? Probably. Is it skill? Eh, maybe a little.

But it’s plenty cool:

Perhaps even more fun than the catch itself is watching the defenders for the opposing team (Lawrence University) looking around like either the play is over or the ball just disappeared. If they had the concentration of Emini, that would have been an interception.

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