Rejoice! A Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Caught a Touchdown! (Video)

It’s been almost two whole years since we last saw a Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver catch a touchdown pass during a regular season NFL contest, but that streak of futility ended Monday night.

With 56 seconds remaining in the third quarter and the Chiefs trailing the Packers, 31-7, Alex Smith hit Jeremy Maclin across the middle of the field, and the former Eagles wide receiver fell into the end zone, marking the first time since December 29, 2013 that a Chiefs wide receiver caught a TD.

Here’s a look at Maclin’s 5-yard TD reception in the third quarter of the Chiefs’ 38-28 loss on Monday night (via The Cauldron):

Wondering who the last Chiefs wide receiver to record a touchdown was? Here’s a hint: it was on a 2-yard bubble screen, to a player who is now playing the running back position for a team in the AFC South…

It’s Dexter McCluster—which I initially thought was shady, until I looked it up and realized that he actually recorded a career-high 53 receptions for 511 yards, and a career-low 8 rush attempts for 5 yards during the 2013 season.

Here are some of Twitter’s best reactions to Maclin’s touchdown reception:

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