Let’s Help OSU’s Ezekiel Elliott Find His Stolen Dog

ezekiel elliott

I’m not sure why people steal dogs. They’re pretty much free at animal shelters, and the only thing you get from stealing one is a perverse sense that you made a family a little less whole by doing so. Nonetheless, because the world is terrible sometimes, it happens.

This time, it happened to Ohio State standout Ezekiel Elliott, who took to Twitter to let the world know that his dad’s fence was cut and the dog stolen.

Here’s a pic:

The dog is named Chase after OSU’s championship pursuit which they called “The Chase.” That’s pretty cute, as is the dog.

I’m not sure what comes of this, but if anyone knows anything about this dog, reach out to him on Twitter, or the TV station.  Hopefully this works and Chase is returned to his rightful owner, safe and sound.

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