Richie Incognito Was at Monday Night RAW and Very Much in His Element (Videos)

richie incognito was at monday night raw

Monday Night RAW was in Buffalo this week. So a bunch of Buffalo Bills were there, sitting in the front row right behind the announcer table. And among them was everybody’s favorite racist bully, Richie Incognito, who really seemed to be enjoying himself.

This really should not surprise us. Richie Incognito is basically just a freakishly large 10-year-old with impulse control problems who doesn’t know wrestling is fake and is also allowed to drink as much as he wants. The WWE is his natural habitat. So with the WWE in town, of course he was going to be there.

Here he is showing everyone at home how big his beer is (with A+ from Barstool Sports):

And here he is telling something along the lines of “FINISH HIM!!!” to Randy Orton:

Of course, Richie Incognito would probably make a pretty fine heel in the WWE. However, unlike the NFL, the WWE has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism. So it’s never gonna happen.

Hat Tip – [Fansided]

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