The 3rd Annual Rob Gronkowski Women’s Football Clinic Was Monday, and Gronk Really Enjoyed Himself (Videos)

rob gonkowski women's football clinic

If you thought Rob Gronkowski was going to suddenly turn down the Gronk just because he’s in a committed relationship with a former Patriots Cheerleader, you thought wrong.

On Monday night at Gillette Stadium, Rob Gronkowski hosted the third annual Rob Gronkowski Women’s Football Clinic. Ostensibly, the purpose of this clinic is to teach women the basics of football—you know, throwing, catching, punting, that sort of thing. But really it just let female Patriots fans get up close and personal with Gronk, whether to snap a selfie or bust a move.

Tickets? They weren’t cheap. The basic package was $160. However, for $3,000 you got VIP treatment that included a ride in the legendary Gronk party bus.

From what we can tell, there were basically three categories of participants in the Rob Gronkowski Women’s Football Clinic: hardcore Pats fans who just want the chance to be on the field, older ladies with no shame looking to grab a handful of the superstar tight end, and younger ladies trying to play it cool and maybe catch Gronk’s eye.

Here’s a story about the event from WBZ-TV CBS Boston:

And here’s a video sent to Barstool Sports by an attendee that shows Gronk whipping and nae-naeing his heart out, per usual:

Man, it’s good to be Gronk.

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