Danica Patrick Shows off Her Flexibility in this Instagram Video

danica patrick

Danica Patrick has continued to make a pretty big impression off the racetrack thanks to a social media account that often serves up some slightly (just slightly) suggestive pictures for her fan base.

This time around, for reasons that don’t really matter, she filmed herself trying to touch the back of her head with the bottom of her foot. Let’s see Tony Stewart try to knock that one out!

Sooooomeday that foot will be on my head and I will be holding it with my hands! ☺️

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I have to say, that’s pretty impressive. I’m not really even sure I can reach my foot with my hands. To tie my shoes, I need to lean back and basically pull my leg up to me. I wonder if she does this for the sake of her driving—in case she gets buckled in upside down, so that she can still drive the car and work the pedals.

Eh, either way, I think we all want to see her follow through on her dream of having her foot touch her head. You can do it, Danica Patrick! Especially in that outfit!

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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