Drunk Naked Blue Jays Fan Rips Urinal Off Bathroom Wall, Floods Rogers Center (Photo)

drunk naked jays fan pulls urinal off wall

During the Blue Jays game against the Red Sox on Friday, September 18, water emanating from a men’s restroom on the 500 level of the Rogers Centre flooded an elevator shaft, shut down part of the concourse, and caused damage to the team offices on the 400 level.

So what caused the flooding? Well, the initial rumor circulating on Twitter was that some drunken jackass yanked a urinal off the bathroom wall.

However, it wasn’t long until another layer was added to this story, with some people reporting that the drunken jackass was also naked…from the waste down.

And according to some witnesses, this drunk naked Blue Jays fan was rather proud of himself.

Obviously, this all sounds way too ridiculous to possibly be true. However! A photo of the drunk naked Blue Jays urinal destroyer has popped up on the interwebs—first on Twitter, then on reddit. And the guy who posted it on Twitter confirmed the story of the guy who posted it on reddit. And various other people who claim to have been at the game emailed Deadspin to confirm that the man in the photo is indeed the urinal destroyer. So unless this is a big hoax by a fake drunk naked Blue Jays fan and a dozen or so conspirators—in which case, wow, well done—the photo is probably legit.

And…here it is:

[Warning: somewhat NSFW]

drunk naked jays fan pulls urinal off wall copy

If anybody knows who this is, do make sure to forward this post to his mom. She’ll be so proud.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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