Fox Soccer Reporter Run Over by Car on Live TV (Video)

fox soccer reporter run over by car on live tv

When you become a sports reporter, you have to accept certain dangers that come with the job. You might get hit by a ball. You might get doused with Gatorade. You might get accused of trading sexual favors for scoops. And you almost certainly will get harrassed by drunken morons.

One thing you probably don’t think you have to worry about is getting run over by a car. I mean, you have to worry about it as much as the rest of us. But you probably don’t think you have to worry about it any more just because you’re a sports reporter.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Perhaps because they just assume everyone is going to stop for them if they stand in the middle of a road or parking lot, reporters actually have close calls with cars all the time.

Now a reporter actually has been run over by a car. It’s Fox Sports Deportes soccer reporter David Medrano. He was doing a live shot from a parking lot outside Guadalajara International Airport for “Central Fox” when a car just pulled up and hit him on live TV.

Take a look:

Fortunately, Medrano didn’t suffer any serious injuries. But he did demonstrate an important lesson: never do a live shot around cars without a spotter.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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