Marathon Hockey Fight: Milan Lucic Battles Rookie Josh Manson in His First Fight with the Kings (Video)

marathon hockey fight milan lucic josh manson

Some hockey fights are notable for their ferocity. Others are notable for their endurance. And while the former may be more exciting, the latter are ultimately more impressive. After all, anybody can go apesh*t and throw haymakers for 20 seconds. Try wrestling with a 6’2″, 200-pound guy on ice skates for a full minute.

The hockey fight you are about to see here between Milan Lucic and Josh Manson is not one of the ferocious ones. It’s a freakin’ marathon. And it’s pretty damned incredible.

Lucic, who was traded from the Kings to the Bruins back in June, is known for his pugnacious, physical, occasionally dirty style of play. And while it would be a stretch to say he had something to prove to his new team, sticking up for another guy is always a good way to endear yourself in a locker room. So all he really needed to do was fight. It didn’t matter if he won or lost.

Josh Manson, on the other hand? He’s just 23 and looking for a roster spot on a team that won 51 games last season. He couldn’t just phone it in against a tough guy like Lucic.

Hence this epic grappling match:

Does that make you hungry for hockey? Well good news. The puck drops on the new season a week from today.

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