Rangers Mascot Terrifies Fan with by Dangling a Fake Spider (Video)

rangers mascot

The Texas Rangers mascot, who goes by the strange name of “Rangers Captain” (even though it’s a horse), does a great job of both scaring and embarrassing a fan when he (it?) goes through the crowd and dangles a spider from a stick. It would likely terrify anyone, even if they were aware that they were in an open-air ball park, and there’s nothing for a spider to dangle from.

That level of reasoning doesn’t go through your head in the first instant you see a spider, though. It’s just sheer panic, like this:

The Rangers are on something of a tear, so maybe Rangers Captain just needs to keep doing this until he’s screwed with every person in the entire ballpark.

Also, I wouldn’t be doing my job unless I pointed out the enthusiastic woman in the photo and the video, who points at the victim and tosses out what I can only assume is a Nelson Muntz “Ha-ha!”

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