Hurricane Joaquin May Force the NFL to Move or Postpone Eagles-Redskins Game


The NFL and meteorologists still aren’t sure if Hurricane Joaquin is going to land on the east coast this weekend, but if it does, the league would like to have some backup options for the Redskins-Eagles game in Washington. Considering the teams (and fans) can’t pick up and go in an hour’s notice, time is running out to make a decision on a suitable alternative.

The game is currently set for FedEx Field at 1 PM Eastern on Sunday, but right now, alternate locations aren’t being discussed. Rather, it’s a question of how much bad weather the league will let the teams play in, or if they’d like to postpone the game. ┬áIf postponing it becomes necessary, there’s always the option to replay the game in week 8, with both teams on the bye that weekend.

Postponing comes with its own logistical challenges, though, but it pales in comparison to the public safety issues of playing during a hurricane, now doesn’t it?

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