Tim Tebow Continues To Visit Gator Fans in the Hospital (Video)

Gator fans

Tim Tebow sure did take a lot of flack for being college and the NFL’s golden boy for a couple years. Since then, he’s been hubled a fair amount, finding himself bouncing from team-to-team at the expense of his studio gig (which he later got back), all to make a roster.

It didn’t happen this year, but that hasn’t stopped Tebow from visiting sick Gator fans (and other people, too) in the hospital.

Most recently, he visited 13 year-old Nathaniel Wilson, who is afflicted with cancer:

The visit was part of an effort from the Tim Tebow Foundation, and it seemed to have worked just fine. Though it looks in the picture like Tebow killed young Nathaniel, he’s actually just laughing uncontrollably, which is about the best outcome you could ask for from a visit like this.

So AWESOME to watch Tim Tebow surprise our new friend Nathaniel at Wolfson Children’s Hospital! What an incredible young man!

Posted by Tim Tebow Foundation on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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