Usain Bolt Parties at Miami Strip Club, Seems to Enjoy Slappin’ Dat Ass (Video)

usain bolt parties at miami strip club

Usain Bolt parties at Miami strip club? Yeah, it’s not exactly the most shocking headline you’ll read all day. But it is amusing. And also true. Usain was in Miami last weekend, and while there he found his way on over to the FDR nightclub for Lil Wayne‘s birthday party.

Now, FDR is not a strip club per se. However, they do have “lingerie dancers.” And FDR patrons treat these dancers like strippers because, well, they act like strippers, getting up and grinding on people and what not.

The fastest man alive? He seems to have very much enjoyed the lingerie dancers. In a video obtained by (who else?) TMZ, you see Mr. Bolt holding a stack of bills and slapping one dancer on the derriere. Then you see a nice closeup shot of that derriere, with numerous hands reaching in to stuff money in the thong underwear in which it is enclosed.

Fun times!

Take a look:

Obviously, Lil Wayne does not mess around when it comes to birthday parties.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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