Did Steve Smith Talk About How High He Was Gonna Get During Thursday’s Game? (Video)

Steve Smith

Does Steve Smith get high? In the, you know, “taking the pot” sense? I have no reason to believe he does, other than he plays in the NFL, and everyone in the NFL spends their free time smoking weed and driving 110 MPH in school zones in their Bentleys with handguns, only so they can get to their cocaine sex boat parties on time.

Yeah, I watch Ballers AND I read sports news.

On the sidelines of last night’s kinda depressing Steelers-Ravens game, Steve Smith was seen possibly saying “I’m gonna get so high.” Of course there was no audio, so we’re left to trust the seed planted by that Vine from some jackass amateur lip-reader to validate what we already assume is true.

The most interesting thing about this is that there’s a 50% chance that I was on my couch saying the same thing after seeing the shell of Michael Vick try to take over a game.

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