Jimmy Fallon Did More Superlatives for the Cowboys-Saints Game (Video)


If that headline seems a little dry, perhaps a little frustrated, you might want to refer back to an earlier post I made about how Jimmy Fallon tends to do the same things over and over again, and they’re funny as long as they’re not TOO frequent.

Well, they’re too frequent. We’re not even close to a playoff game, and we’ve already seen three instances of his superlativesĀ for NFL games that NBC is airing. If he’s doing one per week, these superlatives will probably get old.

It also seems like he might be reaching just a little harder than before due to the frequency of these things. I mean, Hawaiian Weird Al? You could say that about countless players with long hair. That’s not insightful, Jimmy.

Ok. There are a FEW funny ones. So if you haven’t had your fill YET, check this one out:

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