Bills Fan Pulls off a Sweet WWE Move at a Tailgate (Video)

bills fan

Bills fans are, in the best way, the quintessential NFL fans. They don’t beat the hell out of each other in parking lots.  Rather, they just get really drunk at tailgates and do amazing things that will probably get them killed. (Ok, they probably fight each other too, but it hasn’t been captured on video yet.)

Yesterday, a Bills fan pulled off an insanely dumb stunt that might actually rival this one in terms of humor value. What do ya think? Better? Worse? Equal?

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The guy looked like he was ok after making the jump, which supports my little theory that NFL fans are like toddlers, so blissfully unaware of the danger they put themselves in that they can’t really get hurt. It’s a nice theory until one of them dies doing something like this, which could happen as soon as next weekend.

This NFL season still has yet to play out, but the Bills fans are doing a great job of dominating the league when it comes to their tailgates.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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