Blake Griffin Destroys Shot Clock with Pre-Game Warmup Dunk (Video)

blake griffin dunk destroys shot click

Blake Griffin is known for his powerful dunks.

Based on what transpired before Sunday’s pre-season opener, I’d say Griffin is in mid-season dunking form.

The Clippers traveled to Vancouver to take on the Raptors in the first game of the 2015 NBA pre-season. And during the pre-game shoot-around, while Griffin was practicing put-back dunks, he rocked the hoop so hard that the shot clock came crashing down.

Here’s a great shot of the Clippers’ TV crew talking away as Blake Griffin destroys the shot clock in the background:

And here’s a view of the devastation:

Now, Rogers Arena in Vancouver has not hosted many NBA basketball games since the Grizzlies packed up and moved to Memphis back in 2001. So either the crew that sets up the basketball court is a little rusty, or they haven’t been performing regular maintainence on the basketball stanchions.

Either way, they’re lucky it was Blake Griffin and not DeAndre Jordan, or somebody could have been killed.

Hat Tip – [NBC Sports]

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