Epic High School Football Brawl Forces Authorities to Cancel Game (Video)

high school football brawl

Everything is bigger in Texas. Even high school football brawls.

On Friday, authorities had to cancel a game between the Spring High Lions and Westfield Mustangs with about six minutes to go after an epic brawl erupted on the field and spilled over into the Burger King parking lot next door.

According to KHOU, school officials are not sure what started the fight. But Spring-Westfield is apparently one of the bigger rivalries in the Houston area.

The video we have doesn’t show the beginning of the melee. However, it captures about 45 seconds of the action…in HD…in landscape orientation, for once. The video also captures the coaches shouting at each other after all the players have been separated and herded off the field.

Take a look:

As for the part about the Burger King parking lot, that came after they called off the game and started to clear out the stadium. According to witnesses, a group of 10 to 15 students leaving the stadium were so jacked up that they jumped and beat up two students outside the BK.

Sadly, this is just the latest unsettling incident from a high school football game this year. We’ve already seen not one but two different referees get attacked by players and a dance squad brawl.

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