Martellus Bennett Compared Jay Cutler to Jesus, Which Suggests Martellus Bennett Doesn’t Know Who Jesus Was

martellus bennett compared jay cutler to jesus

After missing the last two weeks with a leg injury, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler returned on Sunday against the Raiders. And while Cutler wasn’t exactly Tom Brady-like, he wasn’t Jimmy Clausen-like, either. Cutler threw for 281 yards, two touchdowns, and “only” one interception in a 22-20 win over the Raiders—their first win of the season.

Of course, it was the Raiders, and no matter what the Vegas odds-makers say, you shouldn’t get too excited. But don’t tell that to Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. He thinks the much-maligned Cutler gets treated unfairly by his contemporaries, just like that other famous JC:

Of course, there are a few pretty significant differences between Jay Cutler and Jesus. For starters, Jesus gave a f*ck. And he was executed for his alleged crimes. And 2.8 billion people believe he was the son of God.

Good luck finding 2.8 Bears fans who believe Jay Cutler can win the Super Bowl.

That said, it’s possible Martellus Bennett did not intend for us to take his Jay Cutler-Jesus comparison that seriously. After all, right before that, he compared Cutler to a washed up quarterback who scrapes barnacles off boats for a living but manages to lead his rag tag team of washed up prospects to one professional victory:

I think we can all agree that’s more like it.

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