Military Family Reunion at Florida Gators Game: Best Thing You’ll See See All Day (Video)

military family reunion at florida gators game

Military family reunion at Florida Gators game? It’s easy to be cynical about this sort of thing. We’ve done lots of stories about military family reunions at sporting events, and after a while it gets hard to see them as anything other than trite publicity stunts.

However, the one that played out at The Swamp on Saturday was unlike any we’d ever seen. The cameras captured the pure, heartfelt reaction of a man’s children when they realized they were going to see their dad for the first time all year. They captured the father’s full sprint out onto the field. And they captured the family’s embrace in front of 88,000 screaming fans.

Take a look and just try not to tear up:

Dad here is Chief Warrant Officer Kristian Denkins. According to ESPN, he just got back from his fifth tour of active duty in Afghanistan. And it looks like he and his wife pulled off one hell of a surprise on their kids.

Thanks for all the feels, Denkins family.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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