Texas Governor Tweets Cowboys Defense Is ‘More Porous Than Texas Border’

texas governor

Don’t mix sports and politics. Just don’t. People like sports because it takes them away from all the pains of the real world, and politicians top that list for sure. So when Texas Governor Greg Abbot decided to send out a tweet likening the struggling Cowboys defense to the US-Mexico border, he got it from a few different angles.

I’m not sure what else he could have been expecting after this:


Because this comment wouldn’t come to us without a healthy dose of irony, it merits mentioning that Abbot campaigned on securing the border, thus making it an issue that he was sort of in charge of.


The “porous” Cowboys defense gave up yesterday’s game-winning touchdown to the Saints in overtime, though it looked like the tweet was sent out well before the loss. And nice use of the Yen sign to mask profanity, Greg. Real original.

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