Bills Players Claim Odell Beckham Threw Punches, And There’s Footage to Prove It (Video)


Following their 24-10 loss to the New York Giants at home on Sunday, several Buffalo Bills players told the Buffalo News that Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham was throwing punches at them when the refs weren’t looking, then backing away from the fracas.

Among the players making such claims was Bills safety Duke Williams, who appeared to take a punch in the face from Beckham after blocking him following a Stephon Gilmore interception.  The cheap shot was actually caught on camera from a few different angles.  You can check those out below:

After the game, Williams talked about Beckham’s style of play with reporters:

“A guy like that,” Williams said, “you expect him to be a stand-up guy but I guess it is a part of his game. He likes to throw cheap shots here and there and gets away with it. I guess it’s his thing. …Right in front of the referee and he threw a jab at me and ran behind his teammates. He ran away. I’m just like, ‘Wow. That’s crazy.’”

And then there was Gilmore, who likened Beckham to a little brother throwing a temper tantrum:

“He’s different. It’s kind of like you’re playing your little brother and he gets mad at you for being too physical with him — throwing a tantrum. I’m like, ‘Man, we’re playing football. It’s a physical game. … He’s a prima donna. He feels like he’s on top of the world and nobody’s supposed to do anything to him.”

The Bills players may have a point, but they also didn’t do themselves any favors by playing right into Beckham’s hands, as they were flagged for 17 penalties totaling 135 yards. Next time they may just want to suck it up, take the weak jab to the facemask, and hope that either the refs catch it, the puncher breaks his hand, or both.

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