Before He Got Fired, Joe Philbin Told the Dolphins Practice Squad to Stop Intercepting Ryan Tannehill

philbin told dolphins practice squad to stop intercepting ryan tannehill

Just when you thought tales of the Dolphins’ ineptitude couldn’t get any worse, along comes a story about Joe Philbin pwotecting the pwecious witto ego of “franchise quarterback” Ryan Tannehill.

According to a story by Houston Chronical reporter Aaron Wilson for National Football Post, morale inside the Dolphins camp had been deteriorating rapidly over the last several weeks, with practices being a major part of the problem.

You see, apparently the Dolphins’ practice squad had been outperforming the starters for weeks, forcing lots of turnovers, which was really starting to piss off Ryan Tannehill. And on Saturday in London, before the Dolphins got destroyed by the Jets at Wembley Stadium, things starting getting really out of hand, with Tannehill dishing out childish burns such as, “enjoy your practice squad pay check” and “enjoy your practice squad trophy.”

So what did Philbin do? Well, he didn’t tell Tannehill to shut his mouth and act like a man. Instead he told the guys on the practice squad to stop intercepting Ryan Tannehill so as not to affect the young QB’s confidence.

Now, it’s totally understandable that Philbin wouldn’t want to ruin Tannehill’s confidence. You’ve got to have confidence to be a successful NFL quarterback. But being competitive and hating to lose is one thing. Disrespecting and talking down to guys on your own team is another. Tannehill deserved a dressing down.

It’s no wonder the Dolphins fired Philbin as soon as he got off the plane in Miami on Monday.

Hat Tip – [National Football Post]

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