Steph Curry High-Fives Teammates Before Ball Even Goes In During Amazing Warriors Bucket (Video)

nba preseason

Before we get into the old languish-y portion of NBA preseason, we get THE FIRST DAY BACK, when players are salivating to get back on the court and produce with their teammates. Nobody’s phoning it in just yet, least of all, Steph Curry.

Take a look at this play. He goes behind the back, goes behind the back again, loops to the sideline, then strokes a trey. And to top it all off, he even high-fives teammate Andre Iguodala from the bench before the ball falls through the hoop!

That’s playoff-caliber Curry, and we’re getting it in early October. Atta boy, Steph!

Here’s the awesome play:

I know we just got going with football season, but this has to bring the NBA craving back a little for fans of both sports.

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