This Wisconsin Tailgate Is a Bloodbath of Awesomeness (Video)

wisconsin tailgate

This news story had me at “Wisconsin Tailgate.” Two lovely words that are even better next to each other.

Here, we’ve got two videos showing what can only be described as a slow motion drunken train wreck. There’s nothing insane happening, but you get the feeling that the slow movement of everyone is leading to a drunken moment in which a fight breaks out or something. And the fact that people are partying THAT close to porta-potties is a little disturbing as well.

We’ve got the lone female getting freaky, a girl drunkenly sitting near the porta-potty spillway, and a girl doing drunken kung-fu, which, for some reason, no one’s really interested in.

It’s all great, and it’s so Wisconsin.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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