49ers Fans Start Petition Urging Jed York To Sell The Team


IT WAS ALL GOOD JUST 4 WEEKS AGO. Yea, when 49ers fans actually thought this season just may not be that bad after defeating the Minnesota Vikings. Oh how things quickly changed with 3 straight losses, bottom of the division and a regressing QB who was really never good to begin with in Kaepernick.

Now we have this bit of gold where 49ers fans have started a petition to get hated owner Jed York to sell the team.

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From The Petition:

Jed York has done a terrible job being the CEO and Face of the organization . He has told the public to hold him accountable continuously, but the lack of communication he shows means it’s impossible to have him answer to his actions. Also, his mishandled firing of a well respected employee of the organization has led to turmoil in the months following his exit. As a result, this family is no longer competent to run this organization.”

Apparently there’s more than one petition going…

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