Little Kid Won’t Take Off His Warriors Shirt, So JR Smith Gives His Game-Worn Sneakers to Somebody Else (Video + Pic)

jr smith offers game-worn sneakers to kid if he'll take off warriors shirt kid says no

After the Cleveland Cavaliers’ “Wine & Gold” intra-squad scrimmage on Tuesday night, JR Smith walked up to a little kid wearing Golden State Warriors gear and offered him his game-worn sneakers if he’d take his Warriors shirt off.

Amazingly, the kid’s love of the Warriors was stronger than his love of free swag. So he said no. But of course, JR Smith gave the kid the sneakers anyway, right?

No, he did not. Instead of giving Warriors kid the sneakers, somebody next to Smith pointed out a kid wearing Cavaliers gear, and Smith gave the kicks to him.

Take a look:

Of course, there’s a pretty good chance that this was all staged by the Cavs as part of their in-arena entertainment. But even if it was totally legit, don’t feel sorry for Warriors kid. If he really turned Smith down, he’s a total badass and will be just fine.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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