Meet the Woman Who Lifts Heavy Weights with Her Vag Muscles (Pics)

Kim Anami has a very strong vagina. That’s not her endgame (though I’m sure it’s a nice bonus). Rather, she used her ability to lift heavy objects using her vagina muscles to create awareness for her services as a life and sex coach.

I would think that someone with a really strong vagina or penis would be a better sex coach than someone with weak genitals, so I suppose her marketing gimmick is working.

Below we’ve got a fun little gallery that shows her lifting a coconut, a seashell, an Oscar (?), and what appears to be a large-ass rock.

In case you’re wondering how this is done, she inserts a “jade egg” into her vagina, and the items are tied to that. It sounds like a lot of fun, no?

You can read more about Kim Anami, and check out some additional photos, over at All Day.

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