(N)o (F)un (L)eague Strikes Again. Vine Will Start Banning Users Posting NFL Content

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Welp. Those 6-second vids we’ve all got accustomed to seeing especially on NFL gameday has come to an end. If the NFL can’t make money off of it, they will destroy it all together. I’m sure the NFL forced the creators of Vine to do this and Vine does not want those type of problems.

Via Sports By Sharona:

Vine is blocking users who post football related content. Its a bit surprising the NFL waited this long but with several high profile legal cases currently pending perhaps they have bigger fish to fry.

Still, the NFL is super protective of its content and has long gone after those it considers “infringing” on their broadcast copyright.

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Update: “I was told by a reliable source that the NFL is similarly asking some websites to cease from utilizing their content without permission.  At the moment, I cannot confirm whether any cease and desist letters have been issued but will continue to keep track of this issue.” – SportsBySharona

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