Ray Lewis Calls Jimmy Graham a “Queen Tight End,” Possibly Inventing New, Politically Incorrect Football Term (Video)

ray lewis jimmy graham queen tight end

During ESPN’s Monday Night Football countdown this week, Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis had a lengthy discussion about the strengths and limitations of tight end Jimmy Graham and what it all means for the Seattle Seahawks offense. And this discussion was actually pretty informative, the gist of it being that when tight ends like Graham line up on the offensive line and are expected to block for the running back, it generally doesn’t go very well.

However, in the midst of this discussion, Ray Lewis called Jimmy Graham a “queen tight end,” a phrase nobody seems to have ever heard before.

Here’s the segment. The “queen tight end” bit comes about two-thirds of the way in:

At first I thought maybe “queen tight end” was a chess reference, since in chess certain pieces only perform certain functions. But then I realized that, in chess, the queen is the most versatile piece that can do almost anything. So calling a limited player like Graham “queen tight end” wouldn’t make sense.

So what the hell does “queen tight end” mean? Well, I could be reading in to things a bit, but given the context—football analysts talking about a guy who isn’t macho enough to block well—”queen tight end” sounds a bit like a homophobic slur.

I’m not saying it is. Just that it sounds that way. So Ray Lewis might want to drop that phrase from his football lexicon.

Hat Tip – [The Sporting News]

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