Stephon Marbury Calls Out Michael Jordan Over “Kids Getting Killed for Jordans”

stephon marbury calls out michael jordan

Stephon Marbury calls out Michael Jordan in a string of tweets posted Friday, accusing Jordan of “robbing the hood” and not caring about “kids getting killed for Jordans.”

Marbury has been voicing his outrage against absurdly priced sneakers for years. In 2006 he launched his own line of Starbury sneakers that cost just $15 a pair. He claimed that they were just as good as other sneakers that cost over $100, and he put his money where his mouth was by wearing them while playing for the Knicks.

Of course, the materials used for Starburys were not as good as those used for Jordans. But most design experts agreed that Starbury Ones were a far better value. And the point of the whole endeavor was to stop the insanity of kids begging their parents for shoes that cost a whole week’s pay.

Unfortunately, Starbury’s went out of production in 2009. However, Marbury now says he is bringing the line back. And to hype its return, he’s firing shots across Michael Jordan’s bow.

Take a look:

Not everyone is going to agree with Marbury on this issue. But at the very least he’s opening up a dialogue that is long overdue. Air Jordans are status symbols in certain inner city neighborhoods, and kids do get killed for them.

Obviously, we can’t blame Michael Jordan for the socio-economic factors that create this type of environment. But he certainly profits from it, does he not?

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