Donte Stallworth: Tom Brady Pays Practice Squad for Interceptions (Tweets)

tom brady pays practice squad

Ryan Tannehill is no Tom Brady.

You probably knew that already. But that didn’t stop former NFL receiver Donte Stallworth from reiterating the point on Tuesday morning.

The comparison came in response to the story about a petulant Ryan Tannehill belittling members of the Dolphins practice squad after they intercepted him during practice on Saturday. According to Stallworth, who played for the Patriots in 2007 and again briefly in 2012, Tom Brady pays practice squad players who intercept his passes. Or at least he did.

Say what you want about Tom Brady. Call him a cheater, or a cocky Uggs-wearing douchebag. But you’ll never hear a teammate say anything bad about him.

Stallworth played just 17 of his 115 regular season games with Brady, and here he is pumping the guy’s tires on Twitter.

That says a lot, don’t you think?

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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