Watch a Youth League Football Team Give Up a TD While Doing The ‘Whip’ and ‘Nae Nae’ (Video)

youth league

Finally, a football highlight for people who hate football.

Here, we’ve got a youth league football team with the adorable name The Mighty Mites, appearing to run in a touchdown while several of the players on both teams get distracted by Silento’s”Watch Me,” causing them to bust out the whip and nae nae.


I’m amazed that these kids were able to run a play for more than ten yards without falling over. I’m also amazed that it was decided that this little kid in the pic above should be a defensive tackle.

But mostly, I’m surprised that the whole “pink for breast cancer” thing has gone down to this level of football. Whatever. It’s nothing I can’t forget about after a solid “Whip/Nae Nae” session.


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