Arian Foster Takes Hit To Head, Re-Enters Game Before Concussion Evaluation (Video)

During the second quarter of tonight’s game between the Texans and Colts, running back Arian Foster took a blow to the head that left him shaken up and resulted in an injury timeout as he was attended to by trainers on the field:

When a situation like this occurs, the player in question is usually examined by the trainers and the independent neurologist assigned to the team, at which point it is determined whether he should be allowed to return to the game, or if he requires a trip to the locker room for further testing.

Well, just two plays later, while the independent neurologist was watching replays of the hit that caused the injury, and the trainers were discussing what to do, Foster grabbed his helmet, ran onto the field, and rushed the ball for no gain, losing his helmet in the process.

Foster remained on the field for one more play, and then the Texans kicked a field-goal.  At that point, with Foster back on the bench, the training staff took his helmet from him, ensuring that he could not return until he was properly evaluated.

In the end, Foster ended up being okay and was back on the field for the start of the second half, but this little incident should help shine a light on some of the issues that remain with the NFL’s current protocol for dealing with possible concussions.

Hat Tip – [PFT]

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