LeBron James Takes Selfie with Kids…During Cavs Game (Video + Pic)

lebron takes selfie with kids

LeBron James takes selfie with kids? That’s something you’d expect to see before a game, or maybe at some sort of publicity event. You don’t expect to see that during a game.

Of course, Wednesday night’s Cavaliers game wasn’t a real game. It was just a preseason game in Cincinnati. And since whatever happens in Cincinnati stays in Cincinnati, when a kid handed LeBron his cell phone while the referees were reviewing a player during the 3rd quarter, LeBron was like, hey, what the hell?

So this happened:

Which resulted in this:

And this:

“Just I mean, the refs was looking at a play,” Bronny explained after the game. “We had time in between. Just being cordial with the fans. Like I said, these guys [i.e. Cincinnatians] don’t get an opportunity to see us all the time, so it just popped in my head.”

Luckily the phone that kid handed LeBron was a Samsung. If it had been an iPhone, LeBron probably would have been in breach of contract.

As it is, I guess we can add this to the list of all-time great sports selfies.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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