Matthew Stafford’s Wife Trolls Refs on Instagram, Then Removes Post (Pic)

Matthew Stafford

In a text conversation that Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, posted to Instagram, he informed her that he might be fined for wearing all-blue cleats instead of the pink ones that players are forced to wear during the month of October. She offered a pretty funny comeback, but later took the post down from her account.

Fortunately, nothing on the Internet really disappears, so a screenshot was taken and was tweeted out:

While I don’t really agree with her about the refs, I think it’s crap that Stafford is getting fined for not participating in the league’s annual pink bloodbath. I’m sure it raises a TON of money for breast cancer research, but it’s also one of the most transparent pandering marketing efforts that I’ve ever seen.

Stafford can’t really get in trouble for his wife’s social media activity, so I say let Kelly keep posting more inflammatory stuff. It’s awesome.

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